Ashford Family

William Haemer Ashford Fact List

William Ashford’s death certificate says he was born in 1851 in Kentucky his father’s name was also William and his mother’s maiden name was “Butsher”. His grandson, my father Delbert Ashford, said his real name was Haemer, not William.

Fact 1: The 1850 census for Ravenswood, Virginia lists a Maria Ashford born about 1813 with sons Geo B. born about 1845 and Rufus born about 1848. Rufus’ Find-A-Grave page (100954068) lists his date of birth as April 18, 1849. Maria and Rufus were born in Virginia, George in Illinois. The same census lists a Maria born about 1813 in Wood County, Virginia with sons John born about 1835, George born about 1844 and Rufus born about 1848. Maria, John, and Rufus were born in Virginia. George was born in Illinois. Apparently, she was counted twice.

Fact 2: The 1860 census for Wheelersburg, Ohio lists a Mariah Ashford born about 1822 with a son named Haemer born about 1848 (Note: William Ashford’s death certificate said his birth year was 1851). Also listed is another son named George born about 1843 and a daughter Hazen born about 1852. Mariah and George were born in Virginia, Haemer and Hazen were born in Kentucky.

Fact 3: The 1870 census for Wheelersburg, Ohio lists a Maria Ashford born about 1820 with sons Rufus K born about 1848, Hayes E. born about 1855 and (grandson) Lorenzo E. born about 1860. Next door to Maria is a George Ashford born about 1844, his wife Sarah, son Sheridan born about 1869 and daughter Maggie age 11 months. Maria and Rufus were born in Virginia, Hayes E. was born in Kentucky and Lorenzo was born in Ohio. George was born in Illinois, Sarah, Sheridan and Maggie born in Ohio.

Fact 4: The 1880 census for Wheelersburg, Ohio lists a Maria Ashford born about 1816 with grandsons Lorenzo D. born about 1859 and Sheridan born about 1869. Maria and her father were born in Virginia. Her mother was born in New Jersey. Lorenzo and Sheridan were born in Ohio. Interestingly Sheridan’s mother and father were both born in Ohio while Sheridan’s father was born in Illinois and his mother was born in Ohio. So much for accuracy in the census data.

Fact 5: The 1880 Hamilton Warren, Ohio lists a George B. Ashford born about 1845, his wife Sarah born about 1850, son Sheridan D. born about 1868, daughter Ella L. born about 1870, daughter Lora D. born about 1871 and daughter Lucy D. born about 1876. George and both his parents were born in Virginia. His wife and children were all born in Ohio.

The strange thing about this census data is that there never is a father listed!

This first census William Ashford is listed in is the 1880 census for Oregon. His age is listed as 29 (born 1851). He was born in Kentucky and his parents were both born in Virginia.

There is a Mariah Butcher born to Eli Butcher in 1815 in Virginia. She married John Ashford of Kentucky on September 12, 1833. Eli Butcher was the son of Samuel Butcher Jr.