Ashford Family

Rod & Brenda Ashford

Rodney Harold Ashford: 1943-2023

Rod retired from Raytheon Missile Systems, Tucson, AZ in 2009. He was a Senior Principal Software Engineer supporting multiple projects in the Integration, Test, and Analysis Departments.

Outside of work, Rod enjoyed woodworking and reading. He also enjoyed playing with his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and grand nephews. He had an extensive collection of older antique cameras and a fine collection of antique radios.

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Sons of the American Revolution

Rod’s research connected him to John Hart, a Signer of the Deceleration of Independence. John was a Representative from New Jersey. Because he was a Patriot of the American Revolution, he was able to join The National Society, Sons of the American Revolution. His SAR number is 206473.

My application will help any descendant of William Haemer Ashford, male or female.

Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers

Ira Allen Hooker traveled with his family across the great plains in an 1844 wagon train. The train arrived in Oregon in the fall, and they settled in what is now Polk County.

There is an organization called “Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers” (SDOP). To become a member your Oregon pioneer must have lived in Oregon Territory prior to Oregon becoming a state on February 14, 1859. Rod applied for and has been accepted by the SDOP society.

Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Rod Wrote:

Dear cousins,

In doing research on our patriot, John Hart, who signed the Declaration of Independence which allows us to join the Society of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence (DSDI) I have learned these facts.

There were only 56 signers, 14 left no living descendants and only 15 have living male descendants today.

Since its beginning, there have only been 3594 inductees (I am number 3574) and there are only 1229 active members today.

This is a very elite group to belong to.

Brenda Fay Walker: 1944

After raising a family and one husband, Brenda is now a stay-at-home wife managing the household.  She is a gourmet cook and loves to try new recipes and has a diverse collection of cookbooks.  She and Rod (married 1969) have been collecting books most of their adult life.  

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