Ashford Family

Ashford-Buckle Ancestors

Ashford Side Ancestors

According to his death certificate, William Ashford our 3rd great-grandfather was born in Kentucky in 1851. The first time his name showed up in a US Census was in 1880. He was living in Oregon. His real name was Haemer and is listed in the 1860 census for Wheelersburg, Ohio.

Rod’s 4 greats grandfather, Ira A Hooker, went by wagon train to the Oregon Territory in 1848.

Ira Hooker’s son PP hooker, our 3 greats grandfather was also on the 1848 wagon train to Oregon.

Abraham Osborn, our 3rd great-grandfather, took his family on the Oregon Trail in 1853. His daughter, Mary Jane Osborn McCannon, our 2 greats grandmother stayed back east until after her husband Jackson McCannon died. She arrived in Oregon about 1890.

Thomas Jefferson Sullivan, who married Sarah Catherine Hooker, our 2 greats grandfather, crossed the plains to California in 1852 before moving to Oregon.

Daniel Jarvis, father of Nora Jarvis Ashford, our great grandfather was born in New York in 1855 and moved to Oregon around 1890. His parents were from France and emigrated from France to the USA by way of Canada.

John H McCannon, our 3rd great-grandfather, was born in Ireland. He was Nanny’s great-grandfather.

Buckle Side Ancestors

Rod’s grandfather, Thomas Charles Buckle, was born in England in 1876. As a teenager, he joined the merchant marines before coming to America at the end of the Spanish-American War (He fought in the Philippines). He sailed around the world three times. His ship was also stuck frozen in one winter on or near Hudson Bay.

Jacob Jones, Rod’s 3rd great-grandfather, and his family took the 1852 wagon train to Oregon Territory.

His son Isaac A Jones, Rod’s 2nd great-grandfather, was 36 when he came on the 1852 wagon train to Oregon Territory. Jacob Jones’ grandson Nelson Duzan Jones, Rod’s great-grandfather, was only three when he came on the 1852 wagon train to Oregon Territory.

Our 3r great-grandfather, Peter C. Smith, and our 2nd great-grandmother Isabella Charlotte Smith Stillwell were part of the 1844-45 wagon train to Oregon Territory.

Rod’s 3rd great-grandfather Thomas Stillwell arrived in Oregon Territory on the 1844 wagon train.

By the way, Oregon joined the United States in 1859.