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Welcome to the the Ashford Family Home Page. We're very glad you stopped by.

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Our Background

For a profile of each family member select one of the following:

We are avid readers we collect old, and sometimes rare, books. It would be safe to say we have over 4000 books.

Brenda is an execllent cook and has a collection of over 100 cookbooks. She reads them for fun and then prepares meals that look like they belong in a Southern Living magazine.

Rod does wood working projects when he's not going to school or reading one of the many books we own.

We are also die-hard campers. We home-schooled our children and part of their education was visting historical sites in the US and Canada. We have camped in all of the states except Hawaii (you can't tow a pop-up tent trailer to Hawaii). Since our retirement we spend our spare time doing genealogy research.

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